Wicked Cool Productions (WCP) currently acts as a booking agency for select northeast venues.  WCP also offers artist management options for up and coming talent, as well as affordable “next step” solutions for aspiring artists.  WCP’s mission is to allow the artist to focus on what they do best, not worrying about the stepping stones that normally overwhelm most developing artists and entertainers.

Rock n Roll Resort

WCP’s flagship event, The Rock n Roll Resort, has been gaining national attention since its inception and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Conceived by Shannon Plaquet and Wicked Cool Productions, creators of entertainment events and services based in Springfield MA, Rock n Roll Resort (RRR) is a dream turned to reality. The first RRR launched in April of 2011 and has since shown consistent growth in attendance and buzz over five unique installments. With aspirations to have multiple RRRs in various states and countries, the possibilities of what RRR will become are endless!