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Tony Lee Thomas Killington, VT
currently accepting booking requests for The Tony Lee Thomas Band

Tony Lee ThomasA student of voice from age 4, his vocal endeavors have included classical technique, various choral ensembles, even barbershop and doo-wop quartets. He has sung in, directed and arranged for many such projects and has gained a deep understanding of vocal harmony. Tony began guitar at seven years old, double bass at age 10, furthering his understanding of instrumentation and song composition. TLT’s wealth of performance experience lends him the ability to connect with audiences on a multi-faceted scope: from intimate and poignant solo performances to momentous full-blown commanding vamps with his rock band, the Tony Lee Thomas Band.

Imagine the energetic strumming of Richie Havens and the intricate finger work of Bert Jansch. Add a vocal style that summons Stevie Wonder and Martin Sexton. Then take a songwriting vocabulary as poignant as Ani DiFranco, playful as John Prine, and add commanding stage presence. There’s Tony Lee Thomas!

Arclite Hartford, CT

ArcliteIn 2010 brothers Jake and Gabe Spector began formally working together as Arclite. Their genre could generally be called House, but their actual musical influences come from hundreds of different artists, producers, DJ’s and bands. The duo spent many years developing specific tastes in various genres of dance music, specifically french house, hard trance, and more esoteric forms of dubstep. Arclite is an amalgamation of these styles and many more. Their catalogue of original music and remixes of various artists (Daft Punk, Zedd, Steve Aoki, ATrak, Deadmau5, Amy Winehouse, Luke Vibert…) is diverse and continually expanding.

Arclite’s live sets can last 30 minutes or 5 hours, and they have been known to play three different shows in an evening without repeating tracks. Worldwide touring DJ’s regularly solicit tracks from Arclite for use in their own sets as well.

The duo’s music is regularly used on television, having been recently featured by Showtime, and T-Mobile, as well as in commercials for Inside the NFL and Spike’s MMA.

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